WIPs & Chains Wednesday- #1

WIPs & Chains Wednesday- #1

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Happy Wednesday, everyone! Welcome to the very first WIPs & Chains Wednesday here on Donna By Design. For those unfamiliar with the term “WIP”, it refers to “Work(s) In Progress”; “chains” of course is my nod to crochet.

In an effort to consistently blog a minimum of once a week, I have implemented WIPs & Chains Wednesday (WCW) as a way to fulfill that goal, as well as let you in on what I’ve been working on during the silent space between posts. So let’s begin!

As I continue adding more content to my site, you will begin to understand that I am a pattern and design hoarder. My obsession started during one of those deliciously cheap $0.99 pattern sales from one of the “Big 4” pattern companies, many years ago. Today it has evolved to include mostly PDF patterns from independent designers. If there is a pattern or design sale, I need to be a part of it. And considering I “dabble” in many different crafty areas, I have way more than I care to admit.

Currently, my Etsy favorites are filled with crochet patterns I’m considering purchasing. My most recent purchase is actually my most current WIP. Ok Ok. If I’m being honest, all of my current WIPs are recent Etsy acquisitions.

Most crafters I know, myself included, have the mind of a Magpie…. or James Woods on an episode of Family Guy.

Since I finally learned to crochet last year, it is no surprise that most, if not all, of my current projects are crochet. I kindda run at top speed with blinders on when I come across a new hobby or technique. Recently, I’ve been into crochet festival wear. My Cannabis Crop Top was just the beginning, apparently.

Right now I’m working on this Dreamcatcher Crop Top by TheCurlyVine on Etsy. I wish I could say that I’m loving working on it, but I’m not. There are a couple of terms that are quite confusing (as in, not standard), and my Google search brought up no results. Luckily, Facebook is full of helpful groups, so I was able to work out what the designer meant.

There are other issues, but I really think I need to bring them to the designer’s attention before I write a review.

The yarn I’m using is Premiere Cotton Fair in the color Coral, although it is more of a light peach. It is a great match for a light Caucasian skin tone, like that of an elderly senator.

Which is exactly what the yarn was purchased for. I hopped on the Bernie Mittens train the day TobeyTimeCrochet released her pattern, but I’ve been far too distracted to finish the little guy. Here he is with his half worked jacket, and unattached appendages. Aren’t those ears the cutest?!

Lastly, I’ve been working on a project that I started last year, right after X-mas. Now, the actual working time hasn’t taken that long, but it has taken about a month to acquire all of the yarn. Since my local JoAnn only carries about 1/3 of the colors available, I thought it would be a great idea to order one of every color of JoAnn’s Big Twist Value Worsted yarn. Ya know, for science, and stuff.

I’ve been crocheting these adorable little swatch squares to make a color ring for project planning. I swear weaving in the ends takes longer than hooking one of these up. The best part: they take less than 5 yards. I’ll be writing up a quick tutorial on how to make them in the future.

Until next time!


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