WIPs & Chains Wednesday
WIPs & Chains Wednesday- #2

WIPs & Chains Wednesday- #2

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Hello, and welcome to the second WIPs & Chains Wednesday! I have been busy busy busy this week, but don’t have a lot to show you. I’ve been spending a lot of time with a notebook by my side, jotting down notes for the various patterns I’m writing. I was hoping to have one (FREE!) ready to be released this week, but I’m not sure that will happen.

Onward to what else I’ve been working on!

I’m fortunate to have a supportive husband who entertains my crazy ideas and new craft endeavors, instead of dismissing them. He would deny it if asked, but I consider him to be quite an enabler, and folks, this extends far beyond purchases. Let me explain.

About twice a year my husband goes through his clothes and swaps out pants for shorts, and sweatshirts for sleeveless shirts (the 2 main seasons here). During that time he also evaluates the condition of his clothes. In an ordinary household, these clothes would be bagged up and headed to the nearest charity shop. Not in our house.

The pile of “rejects” always makes a stop by my craft room door before being driven around in one of our vehicles for months. If I think the clothing item can serve a greater purpose, I rescue it and shove it in the depths of my dungeon craft room, to be forgotten and rediscovered later. This is exactly where I found this latest specimen for crafting.

An old work shirt -from a company my husband hasn’t worked for in over 10 years- was just what I needed for a quick craft pick-me-up: tarn.

Tarn: yarn made from t-shirts

After I separated the bottom of the shirt from armpit to armpit, I had it marked and cut in a matter of minutes. From there I cut, pulled, wound into a cake on my Knit Picks Yarn Winder, grabbed my Q hook, and worked a 10 ch square with the fruits of my labor.

I had no real plan for the tarn once I made it. I am quite pleased with how quickly the project came together. This 7″ SC square will make a nice hot pad for the kitchen. Upcycling is one of my most favorite ways to save money.

I started working on this American Gothic Illusion wall hanging /blanket in January of 2020. I was on pace to have it finished by June of the same year, to be entered in my local state fair. Then Covid hit – the state fair was canceled – and I lost all momentum. Fast forward 13 months, and the thing is still not finished. If I’m being completely honest, I haven’t done much loom knitting since I finally figured out how to crochet.

One of the biggest reasons is, well: size. This loom in particular is actually made from 2 Martha Stewart Knitting Loom kits. It is over 3 feet wide, weighs a good amount, and is so cumbersome to work on. I happily trudged along for the first 4 months because my goal was time-sensitive.

However, during month 5 or 6 I began to resent this loom and regret starting this project. After all, what was I going to do with it when I finished? Its sole purpose was to be a state fair showpiece that would hopefully garner me a ribbon for my efforts.

Perhaps I’ll finish it for the 2021 state fair; I’m already 393 rows out of 450. Plus, I’ve already worked on it for 90 hours and 45 minutes, what’s a dozen more hours of my life at this point anyway?

Do you have a WIP that you just can’t seem to finish? What is keeping you from finishing it?

Until Next time!


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